Dont Sleep on This in Your Down Time

Not all days are equal when you are running a business. Some are very busy and others time seems to stop. Instead of spending it sitting idle, scrolling past posts on social media chatting with your friends or taking a nap, use this time doing something devoted to your business.

There are quite a few things you can always be working on during the down and slow time

Prepare Posts

One of the things you can use to burn a few minutes during the down time is to prepare posts about your business. There are lots of simple ways to stand out and this can be by a video, a really good photograph or a review form a customer.

Speak about your business and show how and why people should come to you. Show how well you handle projects, deliveries and how well you solve problems for the customer.

Also, you can use this time to a post a thank you to the customers or offer a giveaway.

Build Relationships

Build a relationship with as many people as you can in your field. The most obvious places and least expensive are the social media platforms. Join services that are populated with people in your field and start conversations with these people.

Send direct messages to people you’ve interacted with on these platforms be it by commenting on their posts or sharing their posts and try to connect in real life. If you get a response and are given the opportunity to meet up, do it immediately, without hesitation during your down time.

Building relationships also means get to know the people that work with you. Make an effort to maintain good relationships. Don’t burn bridges when you move on.

Get Organized

Take this time to put things in order be it with the stock or the space you are operating from. During a slow time get into a routine of organizing and cleaning up the paperwork.

This means going through the papers piling up and sorting them out according to urgency and making sure that there are no important pending bills (that you owe or someone owes you).

Tackle Payments

When things are sorted and organized in your work space start tackling any urgent matters you find, be it paying rent, taxes or paying back a debt. Step up and tackle all the payments that you have been avoiding but have been needling away in the back of your mind.

Once you tackle payments sit down and go through any outstanding monies owed to you. Call, in person if possible and if you can leave your business and tackle none payers.


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