Education Possessions and Family

Society has and will forever be in your business and be making decisions on your behalf. If you pay them heed, you will look like you are a very incompetent and useless person.

No matter how well you do in life you will lack happiness because you’re fulfilling society’s goals instead of fulfilling your own especially when it comes to:


When young you rely on the adults around you to help you with your educational journey. So as a young person at college or university your aim should be to finish that course and then join the work force.

Many people once they land that job they stop moving forward. Sometimes society praises those with a job and a title and people tend to get comfortable at this point. However, that job you have now can easily become mundane and unfulfilling or it can be given to someone else with better qualifications. So, settled as you may feel and comfortable as you are-do not be.

Continue to add to your education. If you came in with a secondary school certificate, get a diploma. If you came in with a diploma get a degree. If you came in with a degree get a masters. Remember your work life should not end your educational life.

There will always be a point at your work when you will be privy to problems and shortcomings on the way things work. Examine how you can make things better or change them completely. And many times this will mean that you yourself have to get better at what you do. It means getting more education.

Explore how you can up your knowledge and skills so that you can make an impact in your organization business and career.


It is quite common to see people that have a job begin to make a few high value purchases. And many will go with what they see around them or what they are pressured by society to do. In these parts the trends will almost always be buying an expensive mobile phone, a car, and a plot of land or putting money in an investing club (village bank) or starting a side hustle.

Whatever you choose remember that they are an investment and therefore an asset that may or may not generate income. This income can be money generated from putting the asset to work and or the appreciation in value it will add over time.

Basically, when you acquire an item (asset) acquire it with a goal. When you know your goal, or have a purpose it will make buying it easier. Also, remember when you buy something, the idea is to be able to maintain it to use in the future.

Do not feel pressured by society’s timetable. For example, if you decide that moving out of the house you are renting and moving the money on rent to finishing your house while you are living in it. Just do it. If this does not please society because you live in a half finished house, too bad. Build your house at your own pace.


You have a job, you are making money you have few or no dependents, so it goes without say you must start your own family. Well, society says you must start a family. And starting a family means getting married. And under this pressure, the dating becomes more about finding a spouse than finding someone that will complement your life and make you happy.

Add to this, the pressure of the critics. The fault finders, with height, weight, colour, education, lack of education, language, place of residence etc. etc. The pressure to expand your family is and will be real but like all of the other adulting decision, it is yours. Set your standards and pursue them at your own pace disregarding critics who come in the name of looking out for you.

Ultimately, the when and whom you will marry and or have children is easier if you already know things about yourself. Your wishes, your goals, your dreams-you have them, albeit in your head but you do have them.

Guard your peace and filter out the noise and societal expectations and focus on your happiness.


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