Having No Prior Experience Should Not Put You off Going after a Job

Usually, people are reluctant to go after a job because almost always, many employers will want to hire people with experience. However, there are also some employers who will take a chance on someone with no experience. Here is why


Even if the top of the list may be for many employers experience, sometimes they will overlook this. Especially if your personality comes through and conveys a person that is willing, enthusiastic, eager, polite, pleasant and ready for anything. Your personality gives the employer an idea about the type of person they may be hiring. And they will consider whether it is one that will be an advantage for them.

They will be making a significant financial saving by hiring someone with no previous experience that wants the position bad enough, but it is even better for them if the hire has a great personality.


What you know about the industry, what courses you have followed, and the certificates you have gotten, the books you have read and the people you have been networking with in the area will count for something. Talk about it. When the employers see and hear the efforts that you have made to gain knowledge about the job or industry it not only shows great initiative, it tells them how important the job is to you.

Your knowledge shows that you are the kind of person who will makes efforts and will not just rely on the employer to train you, if you were to get hired. Be aware though that, despite your knowledge the employer will be watching to see if you will walk the talk.


There are so many job seekers with little experience out there so you must stand out. In order to stand out, you must convey your passion and determination for wanting the job.

Sometimes, it is just by telling a personal story about why you want the job. That personal experience is what you must tell to establish how you feel connected to the company or the work. Do not be afraid to make it simple and personal.

For example, if you’re looking to break into Customer Services. Say how you were inspired by the bad or lack of service you have received over time. From being ignored, made to wait or the false information you received that left you frustrated and saying to yourself…”I can do this better. The customer deserves better!”

Go there where the initial fire was lit for the industry. That moment that pulled you to wanting to do this job and tell that story!


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