Here is How a New Boss Behaves

When you get a promotion or a transfer, there are certain things this move up in your organisation will require you to be right from the start to give your colleagues, bosses and customers a good impression.

The certain things are:

  1. Be punctual and to achieve this get to your work place at least a quarter of an hour early. This will give you time to relax. This is a visible milestone, and you want to be at your best and on time the first time. And every time after that.
  2. Prepare a quick introduction and a brief rundown of you, where you were before and describe what you’ll be doing in this new position. (Even if someone else does take you around and introduce you, make it clear how happy and eager you are to be there).
  3. Ask questions because even though by now you have a firm background knowledge of the company one of the most invaluable insights you can get in the beginning is how the department operates from the perspective of your peers. So you may need to spend much of your first day asking questions where necessary to heads of department, managers and maybe someone in HR.
  4. Pay attention to the command chain because to succeed at your job you will have to determine who is who (and who answers to whom). Titles may make it easy but it is imperative to watch and understand the work place dynamics.
  5. Be approachable and ignore the invisible hierarchical barrier between you and some of your junior colleagues. Smile when you meet new people, and make eye contact or shake hands. If people establish that you’re friendly and approachable early on, you will start on the right foot in establishing trust and not have to struggle much later, especially at a crucial moment.
  6. Don’t try too hard because this can take you off track. Just remember you got this job because you impressed the powers that be. Settle down, relax, be happy, enjoy the new position and do what you were hired to do and you’ll impress naturally!
  7. Be on the lookout for a potential work mate as beyond generally talking to peers and juniors it’s always good to hone in on one person to connect with- a work friend. This person can help you get up to speed faster in a foreign atmosphere.
  8. Listen, listen, listen because this is the prime opportunity to hear about the goals your boss and others have for the company, the department, and top projects. Make sure you get the big picture and know what the priorities are for the business.

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