Here is How to Give a Good First Impression

When you are a newbie in your work place there are certain things you can do right from the start to give those around you (your colleagues, bosses and customers ) a good impression. The first thing you want them to remember should be something good and when you look back on your performance on any given day, you should be confident you did your best.

6 things you should do:

  1. Be raring to go

Very few people will be asking about what papers you have but they will be looking at how you present yourself.  Your attitude and demeanour will be the most scrutinised to begin with because everyone will be assuming you have the paperwork to back you.

Be raring to go and have a positive attitude because people remember and notice an enthusiastic and upbeat person.

  1. Don’t forget the unspoken  

You will have been given a description of your responsibilities — either written or verbal so make sure that you follow these instructions. However, to be successful at your job in the long run there may be more that is implicitly (what you should do without being told) expected of you.

Be on the lookout for the little things that you can do without being told to do them.

  1. Shun your cell phone

Especially the first months show interest in everyone and do not bury your face in your phone. Your body language makes up the majority of your communication in the workplace and will show others how they may perceive you.

Put that phone away and be present and available 100%. You are not just being friendly; this will help you do your job better.

  1. Observe the others

Learn who is who in the company and try to learn the inside language as soon as possible. Watch who has a good handle on what works and doesn’t and try to get them to show you the ropes. Learn where things are kept and who you need to speak to for access to the things you need to do your work.

It’s also important to figure out the unwritten rules of the office that, if violated, make people go ballistic-like water cooler and bathroom etiquette.  And when in doubt, ask, as there is nothing wrong with asking how to do something.

  1. Demonstrate what got you in

When you got picked for the job you sold the company something about you so demonstrate that you can do it. If you said you were a marketing specialist or good with event management, immediately start mulling over what the company is doing presently and make notes. Notes that will help revamp the present marketing strategy or pulling in new event accounts.

  1. Remember your boss

As the newbie your first months will be a little like a maze. And it is likely that you will be pulled in many different directions but make sure you’re accessible to your new boss first and foremost. Availing yourself to a colleague needing an extra hand is very noble of you but this might draw you away from being available to the person who matters most- your boss.

Remember to check in with your manager periodically in the working day!



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