4 Widespread Phone Habits to Shirk

Some habits these days did not exist a few decades ago and just because they have become worldwide does not mean they are not bad. The 4 to shirk are  

  1. Taking your Device to Bed

An active phone at night disturbs your sleep and sleep quality with its blue light coming on and off like a broken shop sign from the 20th century. And answering texts you missed during the day will make it hard for you to relax; especially if the message is from a client telling you that they cannot pay you as agreed. You will definitely not have a good night. Switch off your phone at bed time and sleep.

Do not be anxious about not being reached unless you have a preplanned phone date. 

2. Speaking in a Confined Public Space

The great thing about the mobile phone is that it goes where you go but when you find yourself sitting or standing with strangers in a confined space do not answer your phone and start sharing weekend plans or pressing problems for all the world to hear (well for those present). In fact, you should shun your phone when you join others for a long period in public spaces.

Believe it or not you do enter a social contract by sharing public spaces so honor it and wait to hold your phone conversations elsewhere. If you must and can answer, keep public conversations brief and short, and ask to get back to the caller when you get to a more private place

3. Texting and Talking

Please put away the phone when holding a face-to-face conversation texting or taking calls when you are already engaged in a face-to-face conversation gives the impression that you do not value the person in front of you. It is very disturbing for the flow of the conversation and not very nice for the other person if you keep bobbing your head up and down to read or respond to texts in mid-sentence.

Here too if you must answer, send a “will get back to you” standard text and give the other person your full attention.

4. Leaving Notifications On

If you are going to be with other people in a meeting or at a social gathering switch of your notifications and be present. Letting your phone beep or tinkle every time you get a message will not make you look like a really busy and well sought after smart person. It is just annoying and makes other people lose track of what they are saying or are listening to. Switch off the notification service.

BTW getting notifications every time a message arrives in your inbox might feel productive, but it isn’t.


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