Here is How to Help Your Business Navigate Social Media

Many people are turning to social media to make money. The ease of access, the ever expanding global audience and the speed at which audiences can be reached and influenced has made joining a social media platform a must for any business worth the investment put in it.

If you are thinking of going on or are already using your handle to do business on social media here are a few things to know.

Pay Attention to Similar Businesses

By similar business, I mean your competition. And to know how your competitors share content is a wise move. As is knowing when they are on line, on which platforms and the information they are sharing.

Take note of approaches you think are effective or not, and use that information to strengthen your efforts.

Interact and Share

Snippets are the spice of online content. Add yours and create opportunities for your customers and potential customers to engage and interact with you.

Share things around your business and ask for feedback as often as possible. And do respond quickly and professionally to all the comments you receive. Just rememember too that there are very strange people out there and if the comments are inapproriate; unfollow, block or leave the conversation. Do not let anyone abuse you. 

Audit your feed and customize it to your interests. So that the algorithm on whichever platform you are on understands your interests and knows what to show you. 

Own up to mistakes and make things right

Every business makes a mistake and every business has a customer that is unhappy with a product or service. These days people will share their displeasure on social media but don’t let this frighten you into not owning up to a mistake. And to accepting the fact that some people will not like your product.

Addressing the bad situation is a key component to having a strong online presence. So, when a bad situation happens, it is better to acknowledge the situation and make things right. Be professional in the way you handle the incident and whatever you do, don’t be defensive. Your customers will appreciate this and you will build credibility in the process. And will turn a negative, into a learning moment and an opportunity for you to work on how to do things differently. Next time.



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