How to Work When You Really Do Not Want To

To accomplish your goals you do not have to be consistently motivated. Sometimes just like a car slowly gathers speed your motivation builds after you begin.
You can do what you need to do even when you are ‘not feeling it’ by

If you are going to spend time thinking about what might be and what the rewards will be at the end of it. Or what might not be and how to avoid the pitfalls you are just delaying the process. Get your thoughts out of the ‘what might be’ and start because you really do not have to feel like getting something done in order to actually get it done.
Whether you have to clean out your desk, check on how much stock you have left, send a message to everyone that still owes you money or simply wash the clothes that are piling in the washing basket-delaying the task will only add another thing to your already long list of things to do.
Start; it is a massive first step towards getting what you want.

Once you take the first step, continue. The momentum will build and this will move you toward accomplishing the task. Don’t break your chain because once a task has begun, it is easier to continue moving it forward. When you continue this will produce the change you desire over time. For instance do not post something for sale and then discontinue because you did not get a response. Continue with the same thing or something else.
Continue working toward your goal by taking action and moving on to the next step and before you know it you will have accomplished much more than you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the day.

Be consistent as this will help you to move forward each day. If you sell goods online, make sure you check the response every day. Choose a time each day when you will check on comments and new leads for a sale. Be consistent with answering mails, making calls and checking on the competition or possible new customers.
Consistently keep to a task as consistency will help you to reach your goal. Avoid deviating from this because so and so wants to chat or there is something interesting on that you want to watch. Have some willpower and restraint. Everything else will still be there when you finish the task and even if it is not-you did what you needed to do for day. This is much more important!


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