Things that the Covid-19 Virus Has Reminded Us to Do (Or start Doing)

Being ordered to stay home and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus we have all been reminded of some of the things we have let fall by the wayside.

Things like

Washing your hands

It used to be that when we walked in doors the first thing our parent’s told us was to “go and wash.” As adults, many of us seem to think that this rule does not apply any more one and many of us will stay a whole day without washing our hands. Regular hand-washing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick and to prevent the spread of germs to others.
When at home or at the office, wash your hands and makes sure that everyone is washing their hands properly and frequently!

Take off your shoes

Every home has a thresh hold where we walk over. And in many cultures it is a given that you do not pass that threshold clad in the shoes you came with. Either you are offered slippers or you are expected to walk in your socks or on bare feet. When is the last time you did at your home?
If, you come home and traipse through the house wearing shoes-STOP. Your shoes are big germ carriers so leave them at the door.

Clean and disinfect

 Toys are a big source of all sorts of unpleasant matter. Soft toys can be washed as you would your regular weekly wash. Plastic toys can be washed by the children. It will be a game if left up to them so be sure to supervision.
Cell phones, Tablets and TV remotes which are germ traps (think; saliva, sweat, snot etc.) should be cleaned every day with a dry microfiber cloth and then a disinfectant wipe.
Door handles and locks are the most touched places in any building let alone a house. Spray them with a disinfectant spray or clean them with wash cloth soaked in bleach and water.
Kitchen Sponges should regularly be disinfected but ideally you should change them every week as they are a breeding ground for germs.
Dish towels should be washed and changed every week because they are often used to wipe down many surfaces in the kitchen and this means that they pick up a lot of bacteria.
Bath towels as a general rule of thumb should be washed or switched for a fresh sets once a week.
Bath sponges/loofahs, bath mats and shower curtains should be frequently washed and put out in the hot sun to dry off once a month but to be really careful and to get rid of mold try to change your bath sponge/loofahs every few months.
Bedsheets and pillow cases should be washed and ironed once a fortnight. The mattress should be cleaned and aired at this time. We shed dead skin, we sweat, and there are other fluids in the bed with us every night so washing the bed sheets and pillow case at the least twice in  a month is crucial.

An important reminder: if you have been sick with the flu, the bed sheets should be washed ASAP. Also, open windows to let the natural sunlight into the rooms of your home and to allow for the room to ventilate and freshen the air.


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