Keeping Up With the Followers

Time is a notoriously limited resource when you are working or running a business for the most part of the day but you will need to set some aside to keep up with your followers. Here is why

They are Your Go To

The go to take your mind off your own stuff, that is. Yes, some followers will inevitably be “ahead” in their game or be in a different lane, others may be “behind.” If you’re “ahead,” it’s imperative to avoid condescension. Your friend who is “behind” is likely just as committed to their work and business as you are, and you don’t necessarily know more about stuff than they do. And when you’re “behind,” remember that your friend who’s “ahead” still may have days of self-doubt and be feeling vulnerable.

People say and do very mean things about people and their business, way of dressing, their partner etc. Yes, we all know how cruel and vicious people can be, no matter where we are in life. And in those vulnerable moments we all need a go to.

Going to your followers allows you to be busy with other things than the pressing stuff in your life and offers some relief; albeit for a brief moment. You can also, off load to them and when necessary, commiserate.

Followers help all of us to cope with a bad day at the office, a rejection by a company we applied to work at (or a crush). They are people we go to for encouragement and to blow off some steam. And they are people to celebrate a win with and have a good long laugh with.

They are a fount of ideas

There is always more to discover and it can sometimes come with the help of your followers. Remember, 2 heads are better than 1 but imagine the many heads on social media that you can get ideas from. Even if you have very few followers, use them to bounce ideas off and don’t stop asking for help. You will not be able to have good ideas all of the time, so ask your followers for advice.

When things fail, it stinks but asking the followers for advice and ideas is a quick way to recover. There are a lot of very clever people out there that may hit upon a clever strategy for you. The burden will ease if you share it. Of course do know what to share.

There are a lot of followers out there that will not get you, never mind them. Mind the ones that will “get” you; you have only to keep in touch and the humility to put yourself out there.

If you want to keep learning maintain a line of communication with your followers.


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