Helpful Tips for Your Social Media Marketing

For a small business social media can be used to grow and to promote services and products and to build a brand. It is one of the cheapest ways of sending out messages about the business to new and potential customers.

Some helpful tips for your social media marketing are

Find the Right Platform

To social media market you should find the right platform and the right platform means the platform where your customers are.

Understanding where your target audience spends time will help you to not waste time and energy on the wrong platform. There are so many websites out there that social media encompasses but finding the right one to share information about your business is very crucial.

Some of the popular social media networks for small business are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. LinkedIn not forgetting. Alternatively, build a website, whether it is a simple landing page or a more complicated experience, do it. Then share it on the other platforms you are on.

Be Truthful

When selling your products using social media, be truthful. We all know how being on social media can put you in front of images, videos and publications that turn out to be misleading or make false claims.

Do not make false or misleading claims about your product or services. If you need to make some disclaimers or disclosures about your product or service, do so. Do not wait until people complain or call you out!

Don’t Just  Sell

There are so many people that are quiet half the time and only come on line to tell their customers about a new product. Do not be those people. Yes, you should promote new products and service but also advertise the older stock, talk about who came through and bought your products, alert followers to new promotions and try to be part of the community. Join in the conversations that your followers and potential customers are having on line.

Let your voice be heard in other areas especially ones your followers care about. Be it football, orphanages, concerts, mentorships or cooperatives helping small businesses. Get involved and tell people your take on things.

Follow Others

There is power in numbers and the numbers won’t happen if you ignore pleas to like, follow and share. When someone asks you to follow them and especially if they can help your business gain traction, follow them. Also, share their handle so that the community grows together.

Instead of following trends be part of setting the trend. If you and your community are trending via a hash tag that you share and use, be sure that you will attract new prospects and new prospects mean new customers. New customers mean, more money!


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