Make the Small Work

You are a one person crew not a large entity with plenty of people around you that each brings special skills to the table. So make the small that you have work

Here is how

Be a Boss

The boss is you so be one. Get up every working day and make sure things are moving. This means as a boss you do not need to be wasting time chatting with every other person on line or in real life. You should be busy checking what needs to be done to move things forward.

You are the mastermind and everything person so you must keep things organized and the to-do list done. Without you, nothing will be done and if anything goes wrong there is no one but you to blame. For now you are the everything in the business.

Be Strict

If you have bought bundles or talk time to contact and speak to customers, do so. Do not buy bundles or talk time and spend it watching you tube (unless it is for research) commenting and liking things that are not related to your business or that will not further your business.

Also do not call people unless it is about your business. Be strict with your social media interactions.

Follow Up

Many times a small business will advertise and get comments, like and follows and things end there. Follow up on people that give comments (good and bad) and try to get more out of them. If they are serious they will elaborate.

For instance if someone comments,

“We would like this.” Go to the person or persons and explore more. Make them make good on their comment or cut them off. Some people will comment or like your efforts not because they mean what they say but they want your contacts to get curious about them and not you.

So if someone makes a move follow up and call them out if they turn out to be a time waster.


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