About a Pine Apple

No matter where you go you will find a pineapple for sale. The nice thing about the pineapple is that

It Is Good For Your Health

Eating a pineapple means that you will get vitamin C which supports the immune system. One cup of pineapple contains enough vitamin C that is recommended as a dietary allowance for most adults.  Also, vitamin C helps with healing of the body especially in wound repairing. And it helps with the absorption of iron.

Another thing about pineapple when it comes to your health is that it has some fiber that helps with bowel movement and keeps you from getting constipated.

Please note that there are some instances that pineapple may cause an allergic reaction. Most common are itching, swelling (of the mouth) a skin rash, a runny nose or difficulty breathing. If any of these things occur, do not eat pineapples!

It Helps With Weight

Pineapple is not a way to stop getting fat but it does help with your metabolism because as a food, pineapple is low in calories and the fiber will help with weight control.

Pineapple does not have fats and the juice helps decrease fat formation and increase fat breakdown. This makes it a good snack choice. And as a snack you will find that it satisfies your craving for something sweet.

Pineapple being lower in calories than other sweet treats will satisfy any sweet craving and fill you up without increasing your weight. However, you must be careful to not eat pineapples on an empty stomach first thin g in the morning as it can give you acidity.

You Can Cook it

There are also plenty of ways to enjoy this juicy yellow fruit. You can grill slices and serve them with meat or as a tasty side you can mix in a bowl chopped pineapple, chopped red onions, a handful of coriander, peppers, a little salt and chili to your taste

You can bake pineapple, roast it, and use it as topping for your pizza or hamburger. Or you can freeze it and take it out every time you want some fruit for your smoothie. You can also, of course, just slice it and serve it as a snack.

No matter how you prefer to eat it, you’ll want to begin buying and incorporating pineapple into your diet if you haven’t already. So when it comes to pineapple shopping the easiest way to choose one is to pick one up and smell it, it should have a sweet aroma and should not have soft spots or bruises. Also, choose one that feels heavy for its size.


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