Tips for Social Media Managing

Social media managing is another way to earn money on the side. To help you start this side hustle here are a few tips that will help

Get Clarity

To better serve the person or business you are offering to social media manage for have a meeting with them. You must meet with them to understand their goals and what they expect for their social media handle in the time you agree to manage it. They must make it clear what they want to happen and you too must be ready to answer any questions they have so they understand the service you are offering.

Ask them what they have tried previously, what was effective and what not. Also, what kind of voice do they want to use. Will it be educational, entertaining or motivational?  What areas do they want you to focus on and what would they like the audience to do after reading your posts. Follow, buy or re-tweet? This is very important so that you can produce results and the client can walk away happy after the period expires.

So make sure that you get and give all the information you and the client need to move forward. The more information you have the more chances you have of running a successful social media campaign for your client.

Don’t Forget

To have a look at the client’s social media account or accounts if they want you to handle all. Have a look and feel of their previous interactions. Get to know their brand colours, their brand fonts, and how they communicate, whom they talk to and how many followers they have. Also, how their posts perform.

Get access to their social media accounts. The login passwords, admin access where applicable and a list of any persons that are associated with the account or accounts that you should be aware of. Remember to treat their data with the utmost care. Your next job will depend on this.

Finally don’t forget to get the names, addresses, phone numbers and other mailing details of the person you will be communicating primarily with and whom you will be sending a bill.

Be Available

The client may come back from time to time to ask questions so be available. You may have to spend more time than you thought with the client to collect and exchange information, so be available for them. If you are not willing to go back and forth there may be some things that the client will not like or that may annoy you and make the client come out as being difficult or being a micro manager.

Give as much information as you possibly can on the plan you have and how you will proceed. This way they and you will not waste time going back and forth with things that were forgotten or that should have been included to start with.

Give the client what they want. Good luck!


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