Morning Habits to Not Sleep On

The morning can be the best time of the day to establish the tone for the rest of the day. Getting into the stride of things early in the day will happen by

Having a Routine

When you wake up, get up and out of bed. Getting out of bed is signaling to your mind that it is time to make a start on the day. Create a wake up routine and maintain it. If it means putting the kettle on for tea, reaching for your motivational reading material and reading it or switching on the radio and listening to the morning programs, do it.

Do not stay in bed. The day has started so get up and get on with the things you were planning the night before. Use the time to polish the plans so that you are not wiling away the day aimlessly. This is also a good time to review your long term plans and make new ones. And to identify the most demanding tasks so that you can tackle them at this time of the day when you have the most energy.

A good morning routine followed consistently will help you keep on top of things and will keep things moving forward.

Eating and Drinking

You need energy to think and to work on your plans. So do eat something in the morning. Avoid waiting until you are in the middle of the morning to eat. Eat as early as possible. Eat a fruit, some nuts, a slice of bread or a yoghurt or maize fortified drink. This will help you avoid having energy crushes in the middle of your work day. Also it will prevent you from overeating (something unhealthy) that will just pile the kilos on.

Drink something as early as possible in the morning and continue to do so throughout the day. Make this a habit as you need to stay hydrated, however avoid sugary drinks. Water is the best thing to drink as soon as you wake up and throughout the day.

Going Out

If you are able where you live, make it a habit to take your first cup of tea or coffee outside. Enjoy the morning sunlight which is also very good for your overall mood for the day. If cold or raining, open the curtains as soon as you get up to light the rooms. Open the door and get some fresh air into your living space.

Of course, if you walk to your work or hustle, you do get your morning dose of fresh air and sunshine then but, if you are always indoors or are not going anywhere go outside into the fresh morning air and enjoy the warm sunlight.

Take your phone with you, sit outside and catch up on your social media, emails and applications.


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