Grocery Shopping For Beginners

You may well laugh but, grocery shopping is not as easy as it sounds. And if you are a beginner it is very easy to bosh things up for yourself.

Whether you are a veteran or are just starting out on your own here are a few things you really should be doing


Before you leave home or the office make a list on your phone. Start with the items you are going to the shop for. Then add the other essentials, if you know they have run out, like items for meals or cleaning. As time goes by, this list will become standard and be a great time-saver. Save it on your phone.


Check the unit prices not just the price they are asking you to pay. You will find that what you thought was the more expensive item is actually the cheaper one if compared in unit price. Compare too, what the different brands are offering and at what weight.

While buying a smaller unit often costs less that is not always the case. Be alert.


Use what is available. Basically, buy stuff that is in season or in wide supply. Fruits wild ones especially have a seasonal appearance as do some vegetables, beans and local delicacies like mushrooms, worms and types of fish.

To keep the costs down try to stick to fruits and vegetables that are in season.


Time and have a time for your shopping. Timing is very important and will help you to not get distracted or buy more than you need. It is very easy to succumb to impulse buys, the more you are in and out of shops.

Shop weekly for food, monthly for toilet and laundry stuff and if you can afford it, quarterly for bulk buys. NEVER shop for groceries on an empty stomach. Try to shop around 10 o’clock in the morning or mid-afternoon to avoid the after work and last minute shopper crowds. Choose a Budget-Friendly shop with regular special offers and low prices.

One last thing, time the shopping when you will be alone. Or you will find yourself deviating from your list when you have company (especially children).


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