The 2 To Do When You Are a New Hire

Finding paid work is hard these days and if you do get it employers can and will exercise their right to fire you without any explanation (Covid 19 or not)!

So to avoid being fired and before you find yourself pounding the pavement or the key board searching for work yet again-the 2 to do when you are a new hire are

1. Embrace your role
Let go of the graduate or the ‘am the new person’ here and embrace your new role. Ask the person in charge where she or he thinks you should be spending your time and hone in on those and make sure that you deliver. Where you can, save or make the company money. This will prove to them that you are a person to keep and a perfect fit for the company.
If there are areas you’re falling short, make sure that you work on those and meet one-on-one with other members of the team, or with those you think can help you improve or learn on the job.
However, choose this person carefully-you do not want a saboteur.

2. Stay up-to-date
Fine, you have a job now but one of the worst mistakes you can make when you are new in is to get comfortable and think that you have arrived and all is fine! The spring in the step and the new found bravado may disappear if you are complacent (to put it bluntly).
If you go into work every day and presume the manager, the team or a fellow worker will always assist you and keep you up-dated; you’re mistaken. Get up to speed yourself and do not rely on management or fellow colleagues.
And even if your company does offer you some form of training, you should still take it upon yourself to grow within your position and own the spot. It’s important to take full ownership and to establish yourself in the company so you can work effectively with your team.


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