During the Cold Season The 3 Basic Things to Do For Your Health



1. Drink a lot
Of water!
Avoid or moderate your alcohol intake. As even though wine, bourbon, beer have some water you should not drink them especially when you are trying to kick off a cold or the flu. What you want to do is to avoid getting dehydrated! Hence the water.
Alcohol will only dehydrate you and if you do have the flu… you are going to make some of the symptoms worse, like nausea, headaches, and body aches. And…wait for this. You will make your body less able to handle infections. Meaning you will be sick for longer, become ripe for other infections and be always tired.
If you are right now having a hard time concentrating chances are you are not drinking enough WATER!

2. Eat in a balanced way
We all remember the posters at school; of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates-The famous 5 with pictures of fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, oils, whole grains, beans, legumes potatoes, rice, nsima, cassava etc.
Well they are worth revisiting now and again as the benefits of eating healthy are uncountable. Yes, there is a lot of food in these 5 food groups but you need the variety and if you can balance the intake and be moderate; you are doing your health a favour because eating these foods in moderation is key to long-term health and wellness.
And do remember eating healthy also means that you will avoid, moderate or stop eating sugar and food that is processed, fried and loaded with chemicals!

3. Get some sleep
How much sleep is enough sleep will vary depending on your age and your lifestyle but on the world average enough is 8-10 hours for an adult.
When you have adequate sleep you will allow your mind to regain focus and enable it to tackle those tasks that are mentally challenging. Simply put and using your phone as an illustration (when you switch it off and attach it to the charger to charge in readiness for the next day) you sleeping is the same thing. Because, when you sleep, you are recharging and will wake up at 100%.
A good night’s sleep will help your body and brain to rest and to prepare for the next day and will lead to a healthy brain function, will decreases the risk for accident and injury and will help you recover from colds, flus and other infections.


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