These 3 Things Put People Off

They may be inconsequential moves to you but these are 3 mistakes you may be making that risk you losing a sale or a job.

You arrive late
It’s already hard enough to land a job or sale but don’t blow it by making a lousy impression. Arriving late and not keeping your word will signal that you do not want the sale of job. You have shown where you priorities lie and that they are not with a sale or landing the job.

Give a good impression and give you a chance to provide more goods or services down the line. A good impression will convince the client or the person hiring to choose you and not someone else. So when you are trying to make a sale or get hired for a job consciously think through the way you appear and the speed at which you react. This will ensure that you are taken seriously, earn trust and respect and land the job or sale.

You have no set prices
“What would you like to pay?” is not a good line. The customer would like to pay nothing-ideally. However, they know that they have to pay something. So when they ask, “how much will it cost?” it is the thing that is foremost on their minds and it is the question that you should answer without hesitation.

If you fumble about payment you will give the customer the impression that you are not professional and worse that you actually do not know what you are doing and are taking a shot in the dark. This will send retreat signals to the customer and they will start to doubt your skills or goods.
Be affirmative and fair and let them know how much money you are asking or expecting at the end of the transaction.

You dredge up the past
I did this for so-and-so and they were happy with it or so-and-so bought these goods from me. Well, that may be so but that person is not the one you are dealing with now. You are dealing with the person in front of you. And you will get compensation or be hired by this person not the one in the past.

Bringing up the past as a primary reason you want to make a sale or do a job makes the person in front of you look like they do not know what they want. And makes you look pompous. While all the things you bring up might all be true, they will not earn trust and respect and may backfire on you.


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