This Makes Moving To a New Province Easier

You have landed a new job, with better pay, health insurance, a company car and rent allowance but the joy soon subsides when you realise that you will have to move to a new region and leave everything you are familiar with behind.

Make moving to a new province easier by

  • Posting the move on social media

To see if any of your friends are familiar with the region or know someone who lives there. Friends of a friend or distant relatives that live in the town will often be happy to introduce you to their city and to contacts in your field.

  • Starting a professional network

Begin building your network as soon as you know you’re going to move, start connecting with professional associations and industry groups in the town to start growing your sphere.

  • Research Costs  

Costs differ greatly depending on the province and can shock you if you are not used to paying a higher price for rent, food, transport and local schools if you have children.

Rent prices can vary greatly depending on where you are moving to. You may end up paying more for less space.

You could find yourself saving money due to lower food prices or spending more money because food is much more expensive

Transport may be more if you end up living farther away from your workplace, resulting in a longer commute.

And school prices may depend on the age of your children and if you prefer a private or government school.

  • Make sure to inform:

Schools: Get transfer papers and copies of records from the present school. And try and get recommendations of schools in your new town.

Utilities: Make sure your service providers are informed you will be moving and the date you are leaving.

Accommodation: If you are renting you should inform the house owner in due time or as stipulated by your lease agreement.

Doctors: Get any records to take with you and ask about any procedures for moving your records to a new doctor in the future.

Friends and family: Once you are sure of your new address let your friends and family know.

  • Celebrate

You may feel like you will never belong in the new place but soon the feeling goes. For now celebrate your new status, your new move and your new opportunity to make your life a success.  And, if you can afford to; take a trip to your new province before you move there.


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