Work Place Conduct That Reaps Dividends

Certain behaviors in and out of the work place can be very helpful and can lead you to make improvements in your customer relationships and increase your happiness and productivity at work. The following are some behaviors that help,

  1. Listening

Sometimes you may be away from your work place and the last person you want to listen to is someone with a long list of complaints. The temptation may be to tell the person to stop as you are not in the right place but do not; just listen.

People who have a grievance will complain no matter the place you meet them so listen and do it without interrupting them. Even negative talk is valuable and if you do not listen you cannot make the changes; if needed.

Crucially do not hide what you hear once back at work because your boss or co-workers (if any) need to hear it too.

  1. Sharing

Share all the information that will get the job done. Make sure that everyone knows about it. If there is something needed, missing, specially ordered and has not yet arrived, say it. Keeping every one updated means that, everyone is on the same page and the customer gets the right feedback and good service.

You not sharing means the job will be badly done (not good for you), the client will be upset (and never come back) and your boss will be….? You finish it.

  1. Uniting

Make an effort to become engaged and focus on working with others as a unit. When someone has a new idea at work do support them (including your boss) and do not think it is more work for you. Even if it is more work, remember that if it results in a positive outcome (like more business, more clients or more improvements) it will mean more money for the company and eventually more money for you too.


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