4 Potential Ways to Hasten a Promotion

The process of getting a promotion is an elaborate, time taking process and may require you to compete with other people for the same position. To prepare yourself and to give yourself the best chance know where you eventually want to end up and identify as early as possible which position you want and then begin to

  1. Develop a strong relationship with your boss

Anyone higher up in your department that can open some doors for you or could groom you to succeed them when they move up, leave or retire is someone you should be cultivating a relationship with right now. Let them know that you are interested in eventually moving up within the company and do not be shy about asking them for help and guidance on how to do your job more effectively. Ask about areas where you can improve, and look for opportunities to show that you are making progress.

Be visible to people at your work place by regularly exchanging work issues, niceties and generally cultivating relationships so that you get your name out there and position yourself in the right place at the right time when an opportunity unfolds.

  1. Offer To Take on Projects

Many people feel uncomfortable volunteering for projects because they tend to force one out of their comfort zone but, offering to take on projects can be a great way to broaden your skills and network with people from other areas of the company. If you volunteer to do work and to go to out of the way locations especially where no one else will go shows that you are someone to be relied on to go the extra mile…for real.

Demonstrating a spirit of initiative regardless of what your usual role is may make your employer come to the conclusion that keeping you in your present job is a waste of your talents and they may move you to a more suitable position.

Be careful though when you take on projects and don’t bite off more than you can chew because the quality of your work will suffer.

  1. Grab Every Moment to Shine

Exceed the expectations and become the best you can be of what it is you do now. The best cashier, teller, technician, marketing and supply representative, Human Resource or Accounting Assistant. Make sure that you are consistently representing the position you are in well. And while you are being great at your job make sure that the right people see you…i.e. the customers and the powers that be.

Think strategically about what you can say, to whom, and how to ensure that your name gets connected with your contributions. Do not be shy to take credit for your contributions. Just do not brag or inflate the truth.

  1. Get Some Papers

If you have been putting it off now is the time to get things done as getting promoted usually requires that you get the required and relevant qualifications. However, do not just go back to school for the sake of being seen to be. Take classes that are relevant to the work you do, as well as the position you hope to eventually attain. Determine what knowledge or skills you need to build on and if your organization might need someone at the next level up with the skills and knowledge you want to get qualifications for.

Sometimes a specialized professional license can be far more useful to your work environment and getting a promotion than another academic certificate. So, think carefully about what papers will help you the most to get promoted and climb the work ladder.


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