Briefly From Successful Entrepreneur, Joseph Neene Nakaanga

The Business

Citimop Limited offers waste management and cleaning services which means collecting, transporting and disposing of solid waste at the landfill.

Our cleaning services are offered to offices, homes, malls and more. And the business also takes care of ladies sanitary bins, pest control, landscaping and supplying chemicals and equipment.

The Beginning

The business began December 1999 when we recognised a huge gap in the waste collection systems in Lusaka city. We decided to fill it by going into the business of solid waste collection.

The Hurdles

Just like all other businesses there were a number of hurdles we had to get over however, I will only mention a salient few which are, the difficulty accessing cheap finance for development, operating in a weak motor industry offering weak support for our equipment (especially the repair side) and changing the mind-set of residents (on the value of good solid waste management practice and the way they viewed credit).

The Best Moments

Seeing people get a job and have a livelihood through this effort. It feels good that we are making a contribution to the creation of employment in Zambia.

The Smallest Change with the Biggest Positive Result Recently

We have increased the participation of staff members in decision making by having regular meetings and any strategic decisions are taken by committees comprising of staff. This move has increased the morale and creativity of the staff.

Going Back in Time

I would not make many different decisions except for one relating to a certain model of truck which failed us. This of course was a learning moment.

One Word

The one word I would like our customers to use about us is RELIABILITY.

The one word I would like our employees to use about us is RECIPROCAL.

My Advice

Start by starting. This is so because as long as you watch the space nothing will happen. You must start with one mile and begin the long winding journey. When you fail or find a hurdle, you must celebrate because that is a confirmation that what you are doing is on course.

You should never, never give up; much like what Winston Churchill told soldiers in battle.




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