6 Things Not To Forget This Year

The New Year will bring a lot of new challenges and new opportunities. 6 things to remember as the year progresses are:

1. Whatever you are reaping today is the result of what you strew.

The most important thing is to distinguish between the useless and the useful. You know…like the wheat from the chaff, or the husks from the corn etc.

Separate the useless from the useful in your everyday life.

2. The justification and excuses you make for failing can slow you down.

Confront failure and learn from it because with every issue you tackle you will gain experience and grow stronger from it.

3. Nobody is perfect

And if you think that you are the exception to this fact you will always be dissatisfied.

Focus on doing things the best way that you can and be proud about it.

4. Have faith and grow your faith.

Sometimes insecurities come about because of lack of faith.

Have faith in your abilities to achieve more. To move from where you are now to where you want to be and to where you ought to be!

5. For long periods of your life you were told what to do and how to live your life.

You had someone else thinking for you and making decisions for you. In actual fact you were carrying out their orders and doing what they expected of you.

Now, meet your expectations and be responsible for you.

6. You are a unique and valuable person.

Do not feel inferior to other people because other people are better educated, have a better job; live in a better house etc. The adult world is very complex and very competitive but you have a role to play in it- in your own unique way. Be you!


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