Which of These 3 Types are you In Your Business

People fall into different categories when it comes to doing business or selling stuff. Which of these 3 types described below do you think you fall in

“Spray and Pray”
Are you the kind of person that never sets any sales or business goals, you throw out your business to every possible outlet and send out a generic message to all your contacts and then wait for a response. The spray and pray that someone will respond method.
Mobile phones may have made it faster and easier to send out messages looking for buyers but if you do not identify your target and are unclear about the buyers you want to reach, you will not be the success you are praying for to be. Find out about what the people you want to sell to care about the most, what their problems are, who they purchased from before you, their gender, their hobbies, their location and other specifics.
Most of the above can all help you determine the best ways to reach people, as well as the messages that will work best and if your product is what buyers are looking for!

“They Will Come”
This person is much like the above but they believe that as they have a good product or offer a great service customers will miraculously appear. They never seem to be proactive and make efforts to search for said customers. They neither send messages nor go around reaching out to customers.
Just because some other person with the exact same product or service is doing well does not mean that you will do well if you do not reach out. Search for local mediums that offer business listings for free. Or for those that let you list at a minimal fee. Or, simply go door to door, to a neighbourhood location that has a lot of traffic or online to join a group that allows advertising of products.
Cultivate relationships in the groups where members share stories and recommend products and services.

“What Is Next”
This person will make a sale and immediately will be searching for an opportunity to make another sale and grow their business. They focus on the next deal and how they can gain knowledge and insights on a daily basis that will help them achieve more sales.
The ‘what is next’ attitude means that the person is keen to learn new ways to scale their business and actively search for these ways. They are consistent and nothing will create more success than consistently taking one step forward each day. This person keeps moving forward regardless whether business is good or bad. Keeping at it on a regular and consistent basis!


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