A Quick Work life Recap

Fifteen days into January, all the party decorations taken down and the work boots back on a work life recap seems like a good idea.

1. Find a mentor that is trustworthy and discreet and is able to relate to the
experiences that you are having.

2. Network and build relationships with people because you may need some
of them to reach your career goals.

3. Update your professional profile and make the necessary changes.

4. Dress the part and do not confuse people.

5. Stay motivated even if you like the job or you do not, even if it is a bridge to
something else or even if it is the only job you could get.

6. Develop good work habits that will help make your work life easier.

7. Work towards finding where you fit in among the work force and give the
role 100%.

8. Be honest about what you are capable of.

9. Do not forget your manners.

10. Instill these 4 simple things in your daily work routine.



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