This Money Advice is Perennial

To achieve financial success it’s crucial to build habits that help you make better financial choices. This perennial money advice will help:

1. Give your money a purpose
Money is a wily thing and you cannot leave it to chance; plan before it comes so that when it comes you know where it will go. This is advice that many people brush off and think is not necessary. This is a mistake because planning or setting goals for your money is paramount if you want to have financial success.
If you do not plan where your money will go-other people will do it for you!

2. Follow through
There is nothing worse than planning for your money and then throwing it around like confetti. When you set goals and have a plan you should track yourself because this way you can see where you are doing well financially and where you are not. And you will see where you need to improve.
You spent all that time sitting down and making projections of income and expenses and then you do not follow the plan. This is a bad idea. Follow through.

3. Be patient
Just because you planned to spend X amount on a certain thing it does not mean you should always go ahead and pay that price. The salesperson will try their hardest to make you buy the item immediately and throw in some flattery in the process; it is their livelihood after all but it is your money. Shop around and see if you can get a better deal.
This means that you have to be patient, very patient; this is fundamental if you want to be financially savvy.

4. Prepare for the unexpected
Right now you probably spend all your earnings and never put any money aside because you claim you are too poor or too young to put some money aside but the reality is by the time you get to your 30s you will find that you wasted a golden opportunity. It’s better to start putting a little aside when you have minimal responsibilities.
Do not wait to get a better job or start a business to earn more money. And if you prefer to spend the extra on entertainment you are doing yourself a disfavor. Find a balance between having fun and having funds when you need them for something unexpected because something always does come up.


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