Questions to Kitchen Designer John Mwansa Kasongo

Making a living as a kitchen designer, cupboard maker and granite supplier and installer John Kasongo is a young, confident and optimistic entrepreneur. Here is what he has to answer to a few questions posed


  1. What made you choose this business?

I chose this business because it is profitable and I am very good at it.

  1. What kind of training did you get?

I am a mechanical engineer by professional but I also did a course in kitchen designing which was a great help to me starting this business.

  1. What has changed over time for you in this business?

Experience! I have more experience than when I first started over 10 years ago (2006).

I also own a workshop now, and I have a lot more clients than I did a few years back.

Another change is that I am now ranking high my customer relationships, my time management is better and I am principled when it comes to my finances.

  1. What problems do you face?

Getting Paid! It is a recurring problem with some clients.

At the start of a project the client and I agree on a deposit of 50 per cent and the remaining 50 after finishing but…Suffice it to say it’s a challenge collecting the balance with some clients.

  1. What do you regret not having done?

I regret not advertising my business more in the past; I am sure I would have more clients than I do now.

  1. What is your advice to your peers feeling they maybe made the wrong choice and want to quit?

My advice is this; never give up, because every business is challenging but with perseverance and determination you can reach your goal.

  1. What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Expansion, expansion, expansion; I really want to expand my business by, opening more workshops around the country.


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