Work Life, 5 Awesome Things That Will Happen

Success is hard work and sometimes it takes longer than you want it to but on your way there you will gain something invaluable. The 5 subtle but very valuable things that will happen to you in almost any job are

  1. You Will Learn To Ask

In the beginning it is very likely that you and others think that as you have gotten the job and maybe went through an orientation you should already know everything. You and others will find that you do not and this is the important moment to find your voice and ask.

Before long you will learn that asking questions to clarify instructions or a process will help you out of a situation that you are not familiar with. You will learn that asking is better than pretending you know or that something or someone else is to blame for the delay in completing a task.

  1. Your Confidence Will Grow

You will be doing things that you have never done before and some you will not have expected and feel uncomfortable about but, every career has challenges that need to be solved. As you take up each task or challenge and as you complete (successfully or not) each task your confidence will grow.

Before you know it you will be skillful at solving problems, finishing tasks and feeling comfortable in what was at first a very daunting environment.

  1. You Will Become Professional

The way you work over time will change and it will show. For instance it will show with your time management, your ability to finish projects, your initiatives, your approach to criticism and your position in the company.

Before you know it you will be the one that people choose to do important projects and to head a team. This is because you will become the professional person that people can count on.

  1. You Will Move Networking Up on Your Agenda

The circle of friends you had before will begin to look a little inadequate and this is because you will begin to understand the importance of building relationships that matter to your career.

Relationships are like a currency in the career making world and networking within your company and out of it is important. You will begin to understand that if you want to move up you have to network.

Networking is not boot licking when you need something but is about the creation of long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

The right way to do so is tricky but getting acquainted with new people and expanding your professional network you will find will move higher on your agenda. 

  1. You Will Interact Differently

Your initial aim was to get work, do the work and enjoy your pay but you will find that over time your focus will change; both inside and outside your workplace.

There will be changes in the way you relate to your co-workers, customers and even your family. This is because you will begin to be more perceptive, listen better, communicate better and understand situations better. You will look outside of yourself more and consider more how you can connect with and create value for others.

Overtime you will find your position as an individual has a lot more roles than when you first started out and you will interact differently from the first months you started working.


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