Outdoor Maintenance Work You Must Tackle Apiece

Cleaning the outside of your premises is not exactly on the list of priorities but, once you get the opportunity to tackle the often neglected outdoor maintenance projects do not try to do everything at once. The main areas you will have to eventually tackle are

  1. The Walls

After a number of years and many season changes the walls of your premises will have collected dirt, fungi, and all manner of gunk; this will inevitably change the appearance. Depending on the age of the premises, the size and the location, cleaning the outside walls can be done in a few hours or maybe a little longer. In any case remember the main idea is to clean the wall and not remove the paint.

Dedicate some time once a year to remove the dirt that has settled on your wall like a dirty coat.

  1. The Gutters

Leaves, branches and papers landing in your gutters can cause damage. Clean your gutters at least once a year unless you have overhanging trees, in which case you’ll need a thrice-a-year cleaning.

  1. The Septic Tank

Septic tanks are not connected to the city water supply and you are responsible for keeping your system operational. When a septic tank is neglected, it can clog with sludge and scum that cannot be broken down by bacteria, leading to a costly systemic collapse. For this reason, you need to keep your tank clean, inspected, and pumped regularly.

Uncover the tank and check for cracks and leaks, assess the depth of the waste inside the tank, then have a professional pump out the waste.

  1. The Windows

Washing windows is nobody’s favorite job but alas the job must be done. Either with a bucket and a cloth or a bucket and wads of old newspapers; either method is not pleasant and is time consuming but you can always hire someone to do it.


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