4 Reasons to Not Furnish a New Space all at Once

Just moved into your new home? You don’t need to furnish the space all at once. Bring in the basics then fill in the rest as you go. Here are 4 reasons why

  1. You Need to Take Time to Appreciate What It Means

Finally you have a place all of your own; a blank canvas that you can make into something that is uniquely yours. This space will be filled with your choices, your rules and your personality.

You will not have to follow someone else’s agenda, rules and beliefs. This space is says you are an adult now responsible for each aspect of your life; your income, your household management and your general well- being.

In this space you are the master/mistress of your own destiny; this space says you are in control. So do not rush to fill it with other people’s ideas of what it should look like.

  1. You Are Not Financially Ready

You have what you need (for now) a bed, 2 chairs and a table, mismatched pots, pans, cutlery and crockery and you have an income!

Sure you can create a living space that will wow everyone but is it worth it if it is by accruing debts for furniture and appliances. Take an accurate picture of your personal finances. You have to know where your money goes and what your true cost-of-living expenses are.

Identify the most pressing expenses and concentrate on those and focus on reducing other expenses because lowering expenses should be your main focus right now…not increasing them as living in a house with stuff that you can’t afford is not a triumph.

  1. You have a Style (cultivate it)

Don’t make the mistake of trying to duplicate where you came from. Don’t keep up by furnishing your space like your parents, your guardian or a house you once went to that looked ‘magnificent’. Create your own style.

Style is nothing but your own flair and the way you put a twist on the everyday object. Your style demands that you buy what you like and not what other people are buying.

Be smart about spending the money you have earned on things you consider beautiful, elegant, and exciting. Start with achievable purchases; even if it means a small single door fridge and a two plate cooker then so, be it. 

  1. You Are At The Starting Point

One important thing about being an adult is facing the fact that you are where you deserve to be. If you had more money or more knowledge you would be in a better position. If you had less knowledge and a down beat attitude then you would not be where you are today.

 In order to advance you must change in some way. Increase your knowledge and improve your skills. Explore what additional knowledge you can gain and what skills you can learn. Think about where you will be in a few years from now.

Set yourself goals as the people who set goals are the people who become successful. Set goals for your career, set goals for your own self-development and set goals for your private life.



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