Things to Do Before You Leave for Your New Work Posting

Congratulations, you got the job and are soon to move to your new address. Before you move be sure to do these few things before the move to your new work posting

Plan what to pack before you Pack

It may look like a simple thing to gather your belongings and pack them in a suitcase but, if you plan your packing and unpacking process before you start, you will make the process easier.

Planning means you need to know what will be needed the very first days you arrive, when you are expected to report for work, if you are going to move into your own accommodation as soon as you arrive or if you are going to stay with friends, relatives or at a lodge.

Basically, find out as much as you can about where you have been posted and what the first days will be like. Then pack accordingly.

Gather Together All Your Important Documents

Your appointment letter, your identity documents are the first things you should gather together and pack before you start packing up your belonging. Once you have these, store them in one folder so they are not misplaced while you are packing other things and before the move. In fact, be sure to put these documents in the bag you will travel with.

Keep these crucial documents on your person and never pack them in a separate bag that will be loaded away from your sight lines.

Store What You Can’t Take

Store any of your other documents that you may not need immediately you arrive at your posting. These can be qualification papers, receipts of payments you made for courses, for new furniture or any other important bills and receipts.

Pack these and store them in a safe place if you cannot take them with you immediately. Only get rid of stuff that you are sure you will not need them at some point in the future.

Inform Others of Your Move

Informing others of your move does not mean just telling your friends and family. It also means making sure that you inform or update your profiles. This is not only your social media but also your official contacts. These are basically your bank (contact your bank to let them know you have moved, and update your personal information). If you belong to a village banking group do inform them to of your pending move and settle any outstanding issues with them.

Some people have a family doctor, if you are some people, tell your doctor about your move and make sure you ask how you can transfer your medical records to the new medical facility once you are settled.

Also, do make sure that all your papers are up-to-date. Driver’s license and bank cards in particular. If you have been renting and the utility bills were in your name, make sure you transfer them back to the owner of the premises before you leave.


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