This New Year Do These 3 Things

With the last year in the rear view and still quite visible

Stay Close To High Achieving Friends

Reading about the billionaires of this world and their successes does not give you the same level of experience as it does with a person closer to home. So, find someone who is as ambitious as you or even more and follow them or spend time with them. When you are with people who set the bar high this will make you also strive for more because when you are watching a person who is similar to you it will get you motivated.

Watching or following people online who have succeeded as inspiring as it is, is a rather detached experience but your work friends, your social group and your childhood friends do offer a more realistic experience.

Following a friend or a colleague who has grown in leaps and bounds more often than not will influence your own behavior because when the people who are close to you succeed you too will want to succeed. In the same vein when you are with people who aim low or usually fail you will become comfortable with mediocrity and it is likely you will behave in the same way.

Be with someone who has a similar level of skills because this will remind you each day that if they can do it; so can you.

Follow With A Purpose

You probably follow people on line and maybe some off line but, have you ever sat down to ask yourself why you do so? Is it for inspiration, for education, for fun or because everyone else is? Do you dream about meeting these people? Do you feel connected to them?

Be purposeful with your following so you will benefit from it. If you can meet people in person grab the opportunity and build relationships in person. Do your research to identify where you can connect with these people? Attend events and conferences and participate in activities where you can meet people that will add value to your repertoire.

Building relationships does take time; however, if you are clear about your intentions you will quickly learn the importance and value of building and maintaining a meaningful network.

Write Down Your Dream

What is the big thing you could make happen in the New Year? What do you dream about for your career or business? What are the skills you wish you could get? If you got the opportunity what would you be, have or do?

What is your dream?

Do you dream of opening up a shop, expanding your present business, improving the quality of your relationships or building and owning your own house? Asking these questions can help you identify what you really want and help you write down your dream. And answering this question could help you to identify what you need to be doing and what is worthy of your time.

Have a dream every new year and work towards it.


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