What to Do Now Before the Year Ends

The year is quickly coming to an end so with this in mind

  1. Review Your Year

Did you perform excellently? Did you manage to arrive at the point you set out to be at this time? Have you achieved those goals you set for your self- development, business, and private life?  Can you confidently say that you did achieve what you expected to achieve? Are you confident that you did not let yourself down and lowered your expectations as the year progressed?

Looking around you and at the vast majority of people suffering from very low expectations of themselves, of the people around them, of the company, of the government; are you one of them?

Review or recap your year and see where you stand.

  1. Set New Goals

There are many people who do not realize that goals are important and many more people who do not know how to set goals. With goals you will avoid time-wasting and procrastinating; the latter being a thief of life. Be wise in the ways in which you use your time. Have goals and be aware of each daily activity and do not be preoccupied with stuff that steals your time.

With clear goals you will collect the relevant information, make sensible decisions, and take the necessary actions which achieve the desired result or goal. Set career goals, personal development goals and family goals now.

  1. Make it Happen

If you believe you can, you can. Even if at the present time what you have is merely a list and you have not gathered the necessary money or tools or even mastered the necessary skills, so long as you believe you can then you will make the necessary efforts. So set your goals and be steadfast and pay the necessary price.

Another important aspect is as long as you truly believe, then you should and must hold on to that belief. Yes there will be setbacks but be strong and hang in there until your beliefs become your reality.

Tell yourself over and over again: I set goals, I am good at what I do, I am willing to work for what I have, I am going to reach the financial position I deserve, I am free from negative beliefs, I am an intelligent business person, I am achieving my goals.

Every idea or thought either drives you towards the achievement of your goals, or takes you away from the achievement of your goals. Start sowing the seeds today that will reap you the rewards you aspire for.


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