Eat Your Mulberries Here is Why

Mulberries are not single berries but are actually a cluster of fruits arranged around a central axis. There are different types of mulberry but the black mulberry is the most common.

Known as Morus Nigra, the black mulberry is available seasonally.

Here is why you should eat them every chance you get

They Are a Rich Source of Vitamins

The saying, the darker the fruit the better it is reads true here, as the structure of mulberries is very similar to that of blackberries and they are the juiciest of all members of the fruit family.

More than being juicy, mulberries are a rich source of Vitamin K and Vitamin C and contain small amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Also, they are an excellent source of iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc.

They Are Good for Digestion

Mulberries contain fibre which can help to improve digestion. By bulking up stool and facilitating movement of food through digestive tract, mulberry fibre relieves constipation, helps with bloating and stomach cramps.

They Are Good for Immune System

Mulberries contain quite a few things which are helpful in alerting your immune system so that it can ward off any health threats. The most well-known is vitamin C which is found contained in the berries and is an immunity strengthening nutrient.

They Improve Blood Circulation

In the mulberries are also found qualities that help with by keeping blood vessels supple and dilated. Which in turn result in the blood flow not being hindered but allowing for a free blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body.

Being a rich source of iron, it does also help in maintaining liver health and increases red blood cell production which helps in cases of anemia.

They Are Good for Eyesight

Mulberries contain something called zeaxanthin, which helps to reduce stress in the cells that form our eyes. It also protects the retina from harmful ultra violet rays and does help with preventing cataract.

They Are Good For the Heart

This may be because mulberries contain a high concentration of a powerful antioxidant that is known to be a natural antibiotic which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. There is an indication that the antioxidants in mulberries are effective in decreasing some of this risk.

Mulberries are not single berries but are actually a cluster of fruits arranged around a central axis.


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