Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd with Your Finances by Doing These 3

Many people know how to stand out academically, professionally, and personally but very few know how to do so financially. To set yourself apart from the crowd with your finances here are some things you can do to stand out

  1. Pay your bills on time

Paying your utility, rent, school, tax, or insurance bills on time is an excellent way to set you apart. Not only will you be relaxed and confident as you go about your day but, you will save yourself the pain of paying the unnecessary hefty fines or the embarrassment of being pulled over to the side of the road or being called out for none payment. Stand out for the right reasons because once you start getting behind on bills, it can be very difficult to catch up.

Organize your bills and their payment due dates so that it’s a lot easier to pay them as the time comes. Make sure bills you are likely to forget are programmed for a certain day of the month and that they also appear in your monthly budget. Having a monthly budget is a very good way to be on top of your finances. It is not a sign that you cannot cope financially on the contrary it is a great tool to use to help you stand out financially.

  1. Consistently make saving a priority

Consistently saving for the future with no specific goal in mind will set you apart from the crowd. Saving your money and postponing purchases will make you stand out with your finances because you will be regularly building up a financial buffer over time.

If you’ve started using a budget, utilize it to help reach your savings goals. Create a category “saving” and set aside money for it and pay into the saving account as if it were a regular bill. If you can, start a direct debit to this account.

To consistently make saving a priority you must also start to keep your expenses as low as possible. The usual expenditures can add up over time if you’re not careful so watch yourself with the amounts for groceries, fuel, entertainment, and the ever present miscellaneous (or the… oops where did my money go category).

Just like budgeting, know that saving for the things you want in your life is not a sign that you are not doing well financially. It is a sign that you want to do well in life.

  1. Spend less than you earn

No matter what, you have to set yourself up for success every time and be willing to do the things others just are not doing. And one thing that many fail to do is to spend less than what they earn. You should spend less than you earn and the only way to do this is to know what you can truly afford and have the back bone to create a life that fits within these boundaries.

Stop thinking that things will be fine once you make more money because if you do not have an understanding of your financial position now, you will not know what to do with that additional income when it comes.

To start spending less than you earn go through all of your bills and cut out the unnecessary. Diligently track your spending and drop any and all bad habits you have around money.  Over time you should show a gradual and upward trajectory in your finances and any debts should begin to disappear, reducing your monthly bills and giving you even more breathing room; setting you apart from the crowd.


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